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Interested In The Trail Passing Through Your Property?  We Want To Work With You!

The success of the MVTA's mission is completely dependent on the generosity of landowners and managers to allow the trail to cross their property.  We will work with you to designate a trail corridor that will take into account your best interests and the sustainability of the trail.

Please review some frequently asked questions below and contact us by clicking the button below with any questions you may still have.

Planning Travels


What kind of trail are we building?

We are building a natural surface (singletrack) trail with an average width of 30 inches.  A trail of this design has minimal impact on your land and can be routed through steep hills, along creeks, and through otherwise non-utilized property.

Who will build and maintain the trail?

A collaboration of volunteers from the Ozark Trail Association, MVTA, and many more will build the trail by hand.  This method produces the best trail surface and allows for minimal impact to the surrounding area.  Once the trail is established, the landowners, MVTA, and Ozark Trail Association will coordinate trail maintenance, as needed.

Who will use the trail?

Our vision is for the trail to be open to hikers, bikers, and equestrians.  Varying situations may prevent some user groups from using certain sections, but we will attempt to work with each landowner to ensure all groups are considered when planning the trail corridor.

Are landowners liable if someone gets hurt on the trail while on their property?

Missouri Land Use laws protect landowners who allow the public access to their land for recreational purposes.  Missouri statues 537.345 - 351 give clear definitions of liability protection and exceptions.  We invite landowners to visit the link below to read the statues in their entirety.


Is the MVTA trying to buy up property?

No, we do not seek to own land.  We simply want to establish trail easements with landowners that will allow the public to have access to cross their property within a defined trail corridor.  The width of the corridor will depend on the topography of the land and sustainable trail design.

Who will be the holder of the trail easements?

Depending on the agreement, most easements will be held by a land trust that will ensure they exist in perpetuity.  The land trust might be a government agency or a non-profit organization.  Each easement agreement will be evaluated to determine the best option.

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